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Utilizing the holistic home care team approach, skilled home health nursing care services are provided by an RN or LPN with training and experience in caring for you in your home. Our RN case managers coordinate your health care with your physicians and other care team members to help you achieve your highest level of functioning after an illness or injury. By completing a comprehensive assessment involving you, your primary care physician, and other care providers, we are able to create a home care plan of treatment that is tailored to your unique needs and goals. An RN is on-call 24 hours a day/7 days a week ensuring that patients are able to stay in the comfort of their homes during times of illness, disability, and recuperation. Our home health nurses will educate you on the care process so you know what to expect on your road to recovery. Our home care team participates in in-services and other educational conferences in order to stay up to date on changes within our field and to provide the most effective and efficient home health nursing care possible.
Skilled Nursing Criteria
In order to qualify for skilled nursing in your home environment, you must:
  • Meet the Medicare definition of “homebound” (the inability to leave your home unassisted). Leaving home must take a “considerable taxing effort” and require the assistance of others or a supportive device. Absence from home for non-medical reasons must be infrequent and of short duration.
  • Have a specific care need requiring part-time or intermittent care.
  • Be under the care of a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant.
  • Require the skills of a licensed nurse.

Benefits of Receiving Grane Home Health Care
Receiving Grane Home Health Care services:
  • Improves your quality of life by enabling you to stay in the comfort and security of your own home during times of illness and recuperation.
  • Reinforces and supplements informal care through education about the caregiving process for you, your caregiver, and your family.
  • Maintains your dignity and independence in your home.
  • Is less expensive than other forms of health care delivery and is proven to reduce the re-hospitalization of patients.
Skilled Nursing Care Services
Education Specific to Disease Process
The RN case manager, specifically assigned to you, will work with you, your family, and caregiver to make sure that you have the most up-to-date educational instruction in order to manage your condition. This is achieved through providing you with written and verbal education and ongoing assessments to ensure that you understand your disease and the path that it takes over time. You will be provided with education on: medication management, signs and symptoms of exacerbation, nutritional needs specific to your disease process, equipment (if needed), and much more.
Foley Catheter Care
Our skilled nursing staff is able to care for your indwelling, supra-pubic, or straight catheter. Your skilled nurse will instruct you and your caregiver on catheter care, including: emptying Foley catheter collection bags, changing bags for daytime and nighttime comfort, signs and symptoms of a urinary tract infection, tracking intake and output (if ordered), and using aseptic technique while caring for your Foley catheter. The RN case manager will change your indwelling and/or supra-pubic catheter on a monthly basis unless the physician has ordered a more frequent change. If you utilize the straight cathing procedure multiple times per day, our skilled nursing staff will instruct you on the proper technique to decrease your chances of infection, steps to ensure you are cleaning your supplies correctly, and strategies to minimize your discomfort.
Our RN case manager is able to work with you and your caregiver to create a bladder and/or bowel training program. Your program is tailored to your needs and will incorporate a toileting schedule, nutrition, toileting hygiene, occupational/physical therapy, and equipment if necessary.
IV Infusion Therapy
Grane RN case managers are able to care for multiple types of IVs and infusion therapy ranging from hydration and antibiotic therapy to inotropic drug therapy in the home. Your RN case manager will instruct you, your family, and your caregiver on maintaining your IV access, infection control, signs and symptoms to watch for during your infusion, and starting and ending your infusion. While you are receiving IV treatments, your RN case manager will also complete dressing changes as ordered, assess the IV access for complications, draw lab work as ordered, and collaborate with your primary care physician regarding any changes to your care.
Medication Management
During your initial comprehensive assessment, a medication review is completed. Your RN case manager will work with your primary care physician and any specialists involved in your care to ensure that the medications ordered are appropriate in dosing, frequency, and the way you are to take them (orally, via injection, or topically). Once the review is completed, your RN case manager will work with you, your family, and your caregiver to make sure that you are knowledgeable in the medications prescribed. Education is provided in relation to medication name, use, how often the medication is to be taken, amount to take, how it is to be taken, any side effects it may cause, and adverse reactions to watch for. Your RN case manager will also assess the medication's effectiveness and collaborate with your primary care physician on any adjustments that may be needed. Resources are also available and can be provided for tracking medication.

The RN case manager assigned to your care will provide you with education on any injections you or your caregiver may need to administer, including preparing the medication, sites of injection, cleaning the area of injection, and demonstrating how to administer the injection.
Ostomy Care
Our RN case manager cares for ostomies of several types: urostomy, nephrostomy, colonostomy, ileostomy, and more. Grane Home Health Care will provide you with education on infection control measures, care and maintenance of your ostomy, preventive measures for skin breakdown, and much more. During the initial assessment, Grane staff will talk with you about the ease and comfort of your supplies and will work to find you the right appliances to work with if you have not already found what works best for your specific care.
Pain Management
During the initial comprehensive assessment and at each following visit, you are assessed for pain. Your RN case manager will work collaboratively with your primary care physician, specialists providing treatment, and the rest of your Grane team to minimize your pain and increase your level of functioning and quality of life. Your RN case manager will work with you on pain management using pain relief measures including but not limited to: medications, relaxation techniques, positioning, therapeutic exercises, meditation techniques, equipment needed, and requests for physical and/or occupational therapy as needed.
Tracheostomy Care
Your RN case manager will educate you and your caregiver on the care needed for your tracheostomy. This instruction includes dos and don’ts for your tracheostomy, signs and symptoms of infection, and changing and cleaning your tracheostomy.
Tube Feeding
Our RN case managers are trained in multiple types of tube feeding equipment including the type of access (Peg, J-tube, G-tube, nasogastric tube, etc.) and pumps. Your RN case manager will instruct you and your family on tube feedings from bolus to continuous feedings, dressing changes, medication administration via tube feed access, signs and symptoms of infection, and maintaining access. Your RN case manager will work collaboratively with your primary care physician for adjustments to feeding times, amounts, and the type of nutrition you are receiving.
Wound Care
Care is provided for the following types of wounds: pressure ulcers, surgical incisions/wounds, lacerations, diabetic wounds, and stasis ulcers. Grane Home Health Care will provide you with weekly skin and wound assessments, education on nutrition to promote wound healing, instruction on preventative measures to decrease your risk of skin breakdown or further breakdown of an existing wound, and changes in treatment if required. Our RN case managers are trained in chemical debridement, wound vac therapy, and dressing changes from hydrocolloid dressings to specialty dressings as ordered.
Venipuncture and Specimen Collection
With Grane Home Health Care, you qualify to have your blood work obtained and delivered to the nearest lab. This enables your primary care physician to have results sooner, which is more beneficial for you and your care provider. Your RN case manager is also able to collect any specimens your primary care physician may order including urine, stool, and wound cultures.
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