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In-Home Physical Therapy York

Our professional home health care services in York include physical therapists who will evaluate your ability to move safely throughout your home and help you and your family determine what is needed to help get you back on the road to recovery after an injury or hospitalization. Our main goal with our in home physical therapy services in York is to help you gain your independence by getting you back in your home. We do this by helping you to strengthen and increase your movement after a stay in the hospital. Our York physical therapists will provide scheduled, in-home physical therapy visits to fit your needs. Our professional physical therapists will also evaluate your level of pain and provide the necessary in home physical therapy program to help relieve or decrease this pain. The physical therapist will also work with your Grane Home Health Care team to customize the best physical therapy program to meet your specific health needs. A custom exercise program will be developed to help decrease your symptoms and strengthen your physical capabilities. If you reside in or around a community in York, PA, Grane Home Health Care will coordinate your physical therapy services to help provide the comfort you need in your own home.
Physical Therapy Indicators:
  • Change in mobility
  • Your everyday mobility feels unsafe or laborious
  • Decreasing or halting your in home exercise program because it has become increasingly more difficult
  • Your cane or walker has become more difficult to use
  • Increase in falls or near-falls in your home
  • Increased pain affecting your mobility
  • Accessibility is more difficult in your home
Besides in-home physical therapy Grane Home Health Care Provides additional services in York such as:
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Wound Care Nursing Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Education/Organization and Coordination of your Home Health Care Services
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